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the Andean Highlands of Ecuador, a chain of mountains and valleys that cross the country from north to south. Along this range you will find fertile valleys that have been home of many civilizations for thousands of years and summits higher than 5000 meters / 16400 feet (e.g. Cotopaxi 5897 meters / 19300 feet above sea level, Chimborazo 63010 meters / 20702 feet, Cayambe 5790 meters / 18996 feet).

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We at Earthbound Adventures carefully choose hotels that are safe, clean and ideally located, we stay in charming locally owned 3 stars hotels with great and friendly service. We go to great length to make sure the hotel are up to our high standard, we personally visited each and every hotel on our list and we are constantly evaluating the hotels we stay in.

We are listing 4 and 5 stars hotels, if you choose to upgrade your hotel an additional fee will apply to the tours according to the hotels you choose.

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    Located in Quito’s newest commercial district and inside a majestically renovated colonial house, the Hotel Vieja Cuba comprises 26 rooms offering all the amenities that comfortable modern life requires. The stylish rooms, with their wooden furnishings and warm colors, are cozy and create a peaceful haven where guests can rest after a long day of sightseeing. The three restaurants and the coffee bar are all characterized by the distinctive touch of the various chefs who manage to exquisitely combine African, French, Spanish, and Chinese influences into a delicious Cuban gastronomy.

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    This new luxury boutique hotel is probably one of the best hotels in all of Ecuador. The elegant Hotel Anahi successfully combines contemporary and traditional Ecuadorian styles, giving it an air of authenticity while offering great comfort and stylish décor. As a reminder of the city’s fascinating and complex history, each room is uniquely decorated to emphasize different elements of Ecuador’s cultural heritage. The hotel’s architecture, however, focuses on simplicity, with a carved wood and stone center bringing an air of serenity to the entire place. Enjoy instant relaxation in the hotel’s wellness zone equipped with a Jacuzzi, hammam, and massage room.

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    One of the first hotels ever constructed in Quito, Plaza Grande is centrally located on the beautiful Plaza de la Independencia in the heart of the city’s historic center. This stunning hotel elegantly combines colonial flavor with a taste for 21st century modernity. Recently renovated, it is now one of the finest boutique hotels in the country offering modern comfort in a truly magical setting. The 15 luxurious suites are decorated with unique pieces made of noble wood reminiscent of the Spanish colonial era. Choose between the hotel’s two restaurants, each thoughtfully decorated within the theme of the cuisine it offers. La Belle Epoque will bring you gourmet fusion food with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, while Café Plaza Grande offers traditional Ecuadorian dishes.

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