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Step off the typical tourist trail and journey into the wild in Guyana. This English speaking country rarely registers as a vacation spot. But, its a haven for nature lovers, birdwatchers and eco-tourists. The country has been blessed with a fascinating mix of stunning scenery, amazing wildlife and lush rainforests. Add to this a vibrant, warm and hospitable people and you have the making of an unforgettable adventure.  Guyana lacks a few frills and modern conveniences, but it has kept its unique and unspoiled beauty.

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Price Per Person: $200, (High season)

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Trip Duration: 10


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Fri : Arrive in Guyana.  Transfer to Georgetown. Overnight at Cara Lodge. 

Sat : Today you can have a free day or you can enjoy an optional tour to Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls. B

Sun: Tour the beautiful Botanic Garden that is home to over two dozen bird species, including several species of macaws                   and parrots; and a wild animal zoo.1130hrs we will transfer to the airport at nearby Ogle, and take a scheduled flight to Annai.           Lunch at Rock View Lodge.  Early afternoon transfer by Bedford truck northward to the Iwokrama Rainforest and Canopy                   Walkway. The four observation decks on the walkway enable visitors to view the mid and upper-level forest canopy and allow               wildlife to remain relatively free from human intrusion.  Overnight at the Iwokrama Atta Rainforest camp. BLD

Mon : Free day. Consider spending the day bird watching from the mid and upper canopy on the walkway as flocks travel past. Or grab your camera and go birding along the jungle trails.  Overnight at Atta Rainforest Lodge.  BLD

Tue : After breakfast we will travel by Bedford Truck to a rainforest trail to a special locality where Guianian Cock-of-the-rock and Harpy Eagle are known to display and nest. The trek into the nest site is about an hour each way on a reasonable trail. We will then continue on to the Amerindian community at Surama. The village of Surama is situated in a small savannah, deep in the rainforest and surrounded by forest clad hills. There will be both an escorted tour of the village and an educational walk to observe wildlife and experience the mystique of the forest after dark.  Overnight at Surama Eco Lodge.  BLD 

Wed : Full day at Surama. Rise before dawn for a walk across the savannah and then exhilarating climb up Surama Mountain. This is the best time to observe bird life along the trail.  Return to village for lunch and then take a three mile walk across the savannah and through the rainforest to the Burro River. Your guides will then paddle you on the Burro Burro River for opportunities to observe Giant River Otters, Tapir, Tira, Spider Monkeys and many more species.  Return to village for sunset and to overnight at Surama Eco-lodge.  BLD

Thu : We’ll take a boat trip on the Rupununi River to Karanambu Ranch. This is the home of Diane McTurk, widely known for her work in rehabilitating orphaned, giant river otters to the wild. Late in the afternoon we will also travel by boat to look for wild Giant River Otters and to see the giant Victoria Regis waterlily, bloom at dusk.  Dinner with Diane. Overnight at Karanambu Ranch. BLD

Fri : Free Day. Diane sometimes has resident orphaned otters and you can help her as she tends to them.  You can visit Simoni Pond for some of the best inland fishing in Guyana or explore the flooded forest.  Visits can be made to nearby ponds for bird watching and to view the Victoria Amazonica, the world’s largest water lily and Guyana’s national flower. Overnight at Karanambu Ranch. BLD

Sat : This morning we’ll travel out onto the savannah to search for a Giant Anteater.  After an early lunch take a flight back to Georgetown. Enjoy an afternoon Georgetown city tour highlighting the architecture, markets and botanical Gardens. Overnight at Cara Lodge.  BL

Sun : Transfer to airport for departing flight.

We at Earthbound Adventures carefully choose hotels that are safe, clean and ideally located, we stay in charming locally owned 3 stars hotels with great and friendly service. We go to great length to make sure the hotel are up to our high standard, we personally visited each and every hotel on our list and we are constantly evaluating the hotels we stay in.

We are listing 4 and 5 stars hotels, if you choose to upgrade your hotel an additional fee will apply to the tours according to the hotels you choose.

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    Cara Lodge was built in the 1840s and originally consisted of two houses. It has a long and romantic history and was the home of the first Lord Mayor of Georgetown. Over the years, the property has been visited by many dignitaries including King Edward VIII who stayed at the house in 1923. This magnificent home turned hotel offers the tradition and nostalgia of a bygone era, complete with service and comfort of the most luxurious of hotels, all in a most congenial family atmosphere.

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    The Atta Rainforest Lodge is situated approximately 500 yards from the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. The camp is completely surrounded by tropical rainforest, which offers a complete immersion in the rainforest experience. The main building is open sided with view across the gardens to the towering forest on all sides. This building houses the bar, dinning area and kitchen. The Parrot-A-Bar featured a bar top made from a huge slab of Wamaradan wood and it is believed to be the first commercial use of this wood in Guyana. The Dinning area is adjacent to the bar and encourages communal dinning so that you can get to know your fellow adventurers.

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    The Surama Eco Lodge is part of the Surama village, a small Amerindian community of the Makushi people living in the north Rupununi region # 9. The word Surama, originally“SHURAMATA”, means the place of spoiled Bar-B-Que (or where Bar-B-Que spoiled). The name derived during a tribal conflict between the Makushi and Carib many, many years ago. Surama village is situated in 5 sq miles of savannah land, surrounded by forest, hills and mountains of the Pakariama mountain range. The life of the people is in the art and understanding of how to live with nature. It is a simple and basic way of life, living according to the laws of nature. The population is 287 and lives off the knowledge of the land. Although Surama has seen many, many moons, it was only in 1974 where R.F. Allicock and T.V Allicock invited a group of friends from Kwatamang and Wowetta to join 4 families in Surama to organize a proper village system which will allow better management for the natural resources including the people.

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    Settled in 1927 by Tiny McTurk, Karanambu Ranch has been home to the McTurk family ever since. True to its origins, Karanambu remains a working cattle ranch on its 125 square miles of savannah land, worked by traditional vaqueros. The meat produced is completely organic and is either sold locally or consumed on the ranch. The mission of Karanambu is to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience the wildlife of Karanambu and Simuni while enjoying the hospitality of the McTurk family and helping to conserve these extraordinary wetlands. Karanambu is situated on the Rupununi River with access to the Simuni River - one of the key wildlife and fishing areas in Guyana. Karanambu has a strong reputation of providing excellent viewing opportunities of Giant River Otters, Black Caiman and Giant Anteaters and over 600 species of birds. Karanambu is dedicated to conservation of the Rupununi savannah and wetlands ecosystem and preservation of the traditional way of life of the indigenous Amerindians who make the area their home. Karanambu is a nature lovers paradise and welcomes visitors to this remote corner of South America to experience its untouched natural beauty.

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