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Trip At A Glance

Price Per Person: $test, (High season)

Single Supplement: $test

Trip Duration: 5

Easy/Difficulty: Easy

Trip Start Date: test

Trip End Date: test

Highlights: test

Code: test

Activities: walking

Accommodations: test

Best time to travel: test

We at Earthbound Adventures carefully choose hotels that are safe, clean and ideally located, we stay in charming locally owned 3 stars hotels with great and friendly service. We go to great length to make sure the hotel are up to our high standard, we personally visited each and every hotel on our list and we are constantly evaluating the hotels we stay in.

We are listing 4 and 5 stars hotels, if you choose to upgrade your hotel an additional fee will apply to the tours according to the hotels you choose.

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Founded in 1994, Earthbound Adventures is a pioneer in eco-tourism and a leading adventure-travel company offering unique treks and tours to South America. Whether you dream of swimming with sea li

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